Skilled Attorneys For Your Commercial Transactions

For a commercial real estate lawyer in Fort Worth who can handle all of your diverse contracts related to your business and properties, our firm stands out. Our relationship with Texas Secure Title Company provides investors a unique benefit in commercial transactions. The partnership helps ensure that transactions close on time with the proper title work to protect your investment.

You Can Trust Us With Your Real Estate Purchase

McAlister & Garcia is a law firm that works with homeowners and investors for residential property closings. Our firm is well-known in the Dallas Fort Worth real estate community and established relationships with local lenders, real estate agents, surveyors and appraisers. We also have a unique relationship with Texas Secure Title Company, one of the fastest growing title companies in the Metroplex.

We understand that what you invest in your property is more than just money. Time is of the essence for closings, especially for investors. Not all title companies work with investors, but our relationship to the title company is beneficial to our clients. We have the ability to handle legal issues that are common with investment properties - while also providing efficient and timely services for the title company.

Our experience with title curative matters and title insurance ensures you have a lawyer who can take care of all of your needs as you work toward a closing purchase agreement. We have the background in this area to be your guide, offering sound legal advice that could prevent problems in the future.

Your Investment Is On The Line. Hire An Attorney To Look Out For Your Best Interests.

Ensure that you are protected. Hiring an attorney to draft and review your real estate contracts ensures that nothing will be overlooked and follows Texas law. Should a dispute arise between buyers and sellers that requires litigation, we are prepared for the possibility.