When most people think of real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a house, and to be fair that's probably the most common reason for someone to acquire title to land. Our Fort Worth based attorneys handle every day purchases as well as the more unique and sometimes complex situations.

Food for thought: What are you buying when you purchase title insurance? Think about the following scenarios and ask yourself, "What did the buyer purchase when he bought the house?"

Scenario One: A husband and wife own a house together. The house sits on family land, and the land has been in the family for about 40 years. Husband passes away and wife would like to move closer to her grandchildren.

Question: If the wife sells the house to a buyer, does the buyer own the entire house?

Scenario Two: An investor buys a residential property and renovates the home. The investor didn't buy title insurance when he purchased the home with the assumption that title insurance would be purchased later on.

Question: Can the investor sell the property to an interested buyer?

Would it concern you to find out that the buyer in Scenario One had only purchased 50% in the property? Or that the investor in Scenario Two renovated a property that he never held title to?

Even if your agreement to buy or sell property seems straightforward, the history of the property might look a little more like Scenarios One and Two. The only way ensure clear title is to insure your title.