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For those of us in the real estate industry, real estate is a passion. It’s a fast paced, exciting, and sometimes stressful negotiation between a buyer and seller, or a landlord and tenant. As the real estate transaction develops, the terms of the original contract need to adapt and evolve with the circumstances of the sale. Buyers and sellers alike become overwhelmed with the ins and outs of their transaction and seek guidance from an industry professional. Have you ever wondered which professional best satisfies your needs?

When do I need a real estate agent, and when do I need an attorney?

If you’ve ever listed your house on the market, then you’re familiar with some of the fees associated with real estate professionals, so here’s the million dollar question: who do I need to hire when I’m ready to buy or sell property?

The most common scenario: If a seller needs to find the right buyer, or conversely, a buyer needs to find the right house, then we recommend hiring a real estate agent. An agent has access to the most updated listings and can help you negotiate a good sales price when it comes time to make or accept an offer. If you’ve had your house on the market for a few weeks and you haven’t received any real offers, then you would most likely benefit from the advice of an agent who in turn might hire a designer to spruce the place up, or they might even sit you down for the dreaded reality talk: maybe your house is listed too high for the area. But agents come with proportional fees, and for some, the proportion seems… disproportionate.

The need for an attorney: When a seller and buyer have already initiated negotiations on a specific property, then both parties should consider hiring legal counsel to handle their transaction. Unlike real estate agents that profit from a percentage of the sale of the property, attorneys charge at their hourly rate and sometimes ask for a flat fee for services commonly provided to their clients. At McAlister & Garcia, we create the initial contract for our clients, prepare documents necessary to transfer title, create financing documents for seller and third party financing, and draft any changes that are necessary along the way. If you consider yourself a real estate investor, or you have an interest in future real estate investment, set an appointment to speak with one of McAlister & Garcia’s attorneys to find out how hiring an attorney can save you money in the long run.

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