Mechanic's Liens

Mechanic's liens allow a contractor who has not been paid for work on your property to file a claim against it until that debt is paid. This area of Texas law is particularly complex — and important. Property owners need to understand the impact of mechanic's lien on a title and your rights.

Be it the fault of the contractor or the fault of the home owner, nonpayment of subcontractors is a common issue in Texas, and it can be shocking for a home owner. Fact: you don't need to sign a contract with a subcontractor for a subcontractor to have the ability to put a lien against your house. Our attorneys work with liens and releases every day and can help you navigate the legal issues that arise from initiating a Mechanic's Lien, or conversely trying to remove any liens against your property.

The attorneys of McAlister & Garcia Has Decades Of Experience In This Work

McAlister & Garcia have decades of experience working with lien disputes. Our lawyers’ knowledge of title issues can help you find solutions to problems arising after construction projects.