Business Entity Formation

Our attorneys assist in the formation all Texas business entities while advising our clients of the benefits of each. Always consult with your CPA or tax consultant for tax related issues. We provide the necessary legal documents for management and control of an entity while advising our clients on ownership and management issues between multiple investors. Our attorneys work with the following entities:

An Alternative to the Limited Liability Company for Serious Investors:

Corporate Law has a habit of forming in Delaware and trickling down to the other 49 states. In 1996, Delaware established the Series LLC as an alternative to a singular corporate entity. Texas followed suit in 2009 and codified the protections and liabilities of the Series LLC under TBOC 101.602.

So what does this mean for investors? Investors now have the option of creating one "parent LLC" with a series of LLCs connected to its parent LLC. A Series LLC requires one formation document filled with the Secretary of State and only one Company Agreement.

To explain its use in another way, if an investor want to buy multiple investment properties, and he intends to own each in a separate LLC, then he could save a significant amount of time and money by creating a Series LLC. After creating the initial LLC and Company Agreement, he can add a series LLC for each property that he buys. Texas treats each series as a separate entity and thus, the assets of each series are considered separate and apart from its sibling series.

Protect your assets while creating LLCs in the most efficient method available. Ask us how to maintain separate entity status and avoid vicarious liability..