When most people think of real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a house, and to be fair that's probably the most common reason for someone to acquire title to land. Our Fort Worth based  attorneys handle every day purchases as well as the more unique and sometimes complex situations.

McAlister & Garcia makes curative title work a priority at the firm. Ken McAlister and Martin Garcia serve on the board of Texas Secure Title Company and they understand and meet the needs of their title clients while simultaneously continuing to grow in reputation and practice as a law firm. Their partnership combines their individual histories in family law, real estate law, title work, and probate to create a winning combination for the investors and home buyers alike.

McAlister & Garcia specializes in legal issues that arise from the transfer of title. If title is transferred insufficiently, there may be a cloud on title that inhibits an owner from transferring clear title to a prospective buyer, or even a loved one. More often than not, our clients want to buy a solid investment that they can leave behind for their loved ones. Our attorneys can make sure that you're leaving behind a legacy for your children, and not a complicated issue that ends up in probate litigation.

Because McAlister & Garcia is closely associated with Texas Secure Title Company, investors receive a unique benefit in their real estate transactions. Investment properties require an extensive amount of legal knowledge including entity formation, proper transfer of title when dealing with entities verses individuals, and an understanding of creating and reviewing lender's documents.

Investors are generally savvy when it comes to finding bargain purchases, but a low price tag usually comes at the cost of more legal and titles issues. Our attorneys work concurrently with our title counterparts to ensure that our transactions close on time and title is clear of encumbrances.

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